Portal Development

“Pitching, highlighting key stats, and showing off your best features with crisp, clear images”

  • Looking for the best portal development company? Then you’re in the right place!

    TL Technologies is the best Portal development service provider in India. Our experts have a deep understanding of your business requirements and develop the portal accordingly. Our expertise lies in developing customized and user-friendly portals that cater to your business needs.

    Our portal development is not just about creating a portal that works like a normal website. But, it’s all about creating an interactive platform wherein users can share data easily and quickly. 

    With the help of our portals, you can effectively showcase your products and services. 


Portal Development Service – Providing Unique Business Value

Are you aware that theme-based portals are increasingly popular with businesses?
For example – the use of feature-rich interactive tools, such as image/video galleries, message boards, discussion forums, blog communities, and so on.

TL Technologies has a proven track record in creating interactive and customized portals that help clients better engage with their customers.

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Portal Development Services at TL Technologies

  • Enterprise portal development

    At TL Technologies we are experts in building enterprise portals for businesses of all sizes. Our enterprise portals are easy to use and free from bugs and errors so that users don't face any problems while using them. We offer a wide range of enterprise portal development services including:
    ⠀•⠀Enterprise portal development
    ⠀•⠀Portal customization and integration
    ⠀•⠀Enterprise portal maintenance and support
    ⠀•⠀Portal infrastructure and implementation
    ⠀•⠀Customizing existing enterprise portals

  • Social Network portal development

    We at TL Technologies have developed several social networking portals for our clients in India and across the globe. We create beautiful designs for your website using HTML5 and CSS3, which will look great on any browser or device. We also offer customization services to meet your exact requirements.
    ⠀•⠀We develop social media portals that enable you to create your business-oriented online communities.
    ⠀•⠀We develop online communities based on existing social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    ⠀•⠀We help you manage users by creating user accounts on your website/application so that they can access restricted sections of your site/application without ⠀⠀⠀any hassle.

  • eCommerce portal development

    Our experts combine information from different sources to create an online marketplace that communicates with your target audience, showcases products they want to see, and offers complete security and a hassle-free shopping experience.
    ⠀•⠀Creating an eCommerce website using our technology stack
    ⠀•⠀Developing a marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet
    ⠀•⠀Building payment gateways
    ⠀•⠀Integrating payments through payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, etc.

  • Real estate portal development

    We develop custom real estate portals and bring them to life with rich functionalities, powerful back-office applications, and strong APIs. Real estate portals are designed with the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, and JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS or ReactJS. This ensures that you get a robust platform for your website that is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.
    ⠀•⠀Customization of property listings
    ⠀•⠀Property management system integration
    ⠀•⠀Real-time search engine optimization
    ⠀•⠀Find homes based on location and price range
    ⠀•⠀Compare different properties side by side
    ⠀•⠀User-friendly design
    ⠀•⠀Easy navigation

  • News portal development

    Let us take your news to the world. We have successfully delivered many custom news portals and magazine websites for our clients. We offer complete solutions for building news portals that are fully functional and user-friendly. We will help you reach new customers and expand your brand awareness with our full-featured news portal development services.
    ⠀•⠀Creation of a customized news portal
    ⠀•⠀Quick to load and easy to navigate
    ⠀•⠀Powered with an excellent content management system
    ⠀•⠀Easy content publishing and news sharing with readers

  • eLearning web portal development

    TL Technologies provide the eLearning web portal development service. We have experience in creating highly interactive eLearning portals using technology such as Flash, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS and jQuery. Our expertise in developing eLearning web portals helps clients to create an engaging experience for their learners.
    ⠀•⠀Building a powerful and attractive eLearning platform that can be accessed by your employees from anywhere
    ⠀•⠀Creating custom eLearning content for online training programs by following a systematic approach
    ⠀•⠀Adding graphics and animations to make your eLearning portal more appealing and interesting.
    ⠀•⠀Personalizing your content according to the needs of your employees and also can use various tools like surveys and questionnaires.

  • Job portal development

    We offer job portal development services to organizations looking to create a professional, branded, and mobile-friendly job portal. Our team of professionals has years of experience creating custom job portals and helping businesses find great employees.
    ⠀•⠀Posting job vacancies, managing candidate applications, and conducting interviews.
    ⠀•⠀Enabling users to easily register online and upload their resume or CV.
    ⠀•⠀The ability for candidates to search for open positions and apply for them.
    ⠀•⠀Integration with the existing recruitment software
    ⠀•⠀Online application tracking system (ATS)
    ⠀•⠀Job postings for multiple cities and locations
    ⠀•⠀Offering features like job alerts, resume builder tools and resources, articles regarding career tips, interview preparation guides, and much more

  • B2B portal development

    We create B2B portals for businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to reach out to other businesses. They can use them to share product information, market research, financial data, and news with potential customers. Our service will enable you to build a strong relationship with your business partners, suppliers, and customers.
    ⠀•⠀Business Portal Development
    ⠀•⠀ERP Portal Development
    ⠀•⠀CRM Portal Development
    ⠀•⠀Supply Chain Portal Development
    ⠀•⠀Portal Customization

  • B2C portal development

    We provide B2C portal development services for businesses that want to create their online store to sell their products and services. Our experienced team of developers will help you create a customized online store with ease.
    ⠀•⠀Shopping cart system
    ⠀•⠀Contact form.
    ⠀•⠀Online chat option
    ⠀•⠀Social media integration
    ⠀•⠀Creating personalized content
    ⠀•⠀Job postings for multiple cities and locations
    ⠀•⠀Easy interaction with users and vendors on the platform

  • Education portal development

    TL Technologies provides the best education portal development services in India. It helps you to create an online platform for your institution that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, without any restrictions or limitations. You can create a website for your institution that will showcase all the information about your school, curriculum, and all other details related to it.
    ⠀•⠀User-friendly interface
    ⠀•⠀Wide range of content
    ⠀•⠀Efficient search option
    ⠀•⠀Support for different browsers
    ⠀•⠀Easy navigation
    ⠀•⠀Responsive design

Process of Our Portal Development Service

  • Step 1 – Understanding business needs
  • Step 2 – Implementing deep analysis to monitor the ongoing trends
  • Step 3 – Creating a customized project prototype
  • Step 4 – Undergoing development such as web portal design, data collection, etc.
  • Step 5 – Implementing QA testing to test the performance of the portal
  • Step 6 – The project is shifted to the client’s server, making the final deployment

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  • Hassle-free support
  • Team of dedicated and professional experts
  • Seamlessly scaling your portal
  • Highly customized portal development solutions

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