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“Making Online Shopping Easier and More Convenient For eCommerce Firms and Their Customers”

  • TL Technologies provides a complete online eCommerce web solution. With the help of our shopping cart software, we will facilitate your sales conversion, product merchandising, and online marketing for all your retail needs. 

    The shopping cart software developed by the dedicated team at TL Technologies will support you in creating a customized online eCommerce store.


Looking For an Excellent Online eCommerce Web Solution?

TL Technologies understand how it feels to be running your own business. Our creative team will give you the key assistance to focus on growing your company by bringing more customers and enhanced sales.

Our shopping cart software will benefit your eCommerce store primarily in four ways:

  • Easy management of the online store
  • The best possible shopping experience for customers
  • Saving your time and money
  • Exceptional customer service

Check out the features of our shopping cart software

  • Quick and Easy Installation

    Our shopping cart software is extremely easy to install. You can set up your online store within minutes. Our shopping cart software can be easily installed on any web hosting plan without having any technical knowledge or experience in coding or programming. Our shopping cart software works with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix.

  • Built-in Admin Panel

    Our built-in admin panel will give you the ability to manage your eCommerce store from one central location, and view reports and statistics. You can add new products, update stock levels, add coupons or discounts, manage orders, and much more. You can also add images, descriptions, prices, and more to each product. With our shopping cart software, you can add new products easily by searching for them or just entering the product ID.

  • Easy Store Management

    Our shopping cart software makes it easy for you to manage your online store. It has an easy-to-use interface with a dashboard that displays all the information you need in one place. You can easily see how many orders you have, how much money they have made, what products are selling best, etc. You can also track customer activity - see who visited your site and what they looked at. This will help you improve your marketing strategy and make it easier for you to bring more customers back to your site again and again!

  • 100% Mobile Responsive Design

    Our shopping cart software is 100% Mobile Responsive Design. This means that all of our products, images, descriptions, and other elements are optimized for mobile devices. You can view our shopping cart on any modern smartphone or tablet and see how great it looks. You can easily make changes to your shopping cart software design by editing the CSS files or adding new images to fit any screen size. We offer multiple ways for you to edit your theme design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding languages, which means that you do not need any programming skills to get started!

  • Unlimited Products, Categories, Images

    Our software allows you to sell multiple products at once without any limits on the number of items or SKUs. Our shopping cart software allows you to create as many categories as needed within your online store so that customers can browse through them easily on desktop computers, laptops, or mobile devices. You can upload multiple images for each product which helps customers make their purchase decision easier. You can also use our image gallery section where customers can browse through all the images before they buy anything in your shop!

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking

    Real-time inventory tracking is a powerful feature of our shopping cart software. It allows you to monitor your inventory in real-time, so you will always know what items are in stock, what is coming soon, and which ones are sold out. This way you can make better decisions about when to reorder items and how many to order. With our real-time inventory tracking, you don't need any third-party systems or services to track your inventory. It's all built-in into your online store!

  • Customizable Theme Templates

    Our shopping cart software will offer a variety of unique customizable themes. These themes can be easily used, edited, and updated. With these options, you can create an online store that looks just like the one in your mind without needing any technical expertise or hiring expensive designers or developers. Our eCommerce shopping cart software allows you to easily customize the look and layout of your eCommerce store for an affordable price.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Our shopping cart software is packed with multiple payment options. With our shopping cart software, you can easily accept credit cards and debit cards. You can also accept checks or money orders from your customers in the form of a manual payment type. Our payment gateway integration tools allow you to accept payments from different payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. without any difficulties.

  • Multiple Shipping Methods

    Multiple shipping methods are a feature of our shopping cart software. It enables you to offer your customers different shipping methods depending on the product they are buying. For example, if they order a bulky item, they can choose ground shipping. If they order something light and small, they can choose express delivery or better yet, same-day delivery.

  • Multiple Languages and Currencies Supported

    Our shopping cart software supports multiple languages and currencies, allowing you to accept payments in different currencies from all over the world. This means that you can sell internationally without having to worry about currency exchange rates or conversion fees. You can configure each store to use its currency and language settings, so it's very easy to manage all your stores from one central location!

We offer several various add-ons to enhance your eCommerce website:

  • Pay Pal Integration –Our shopping cart software will integrate with PayPal so you can accept payments online.
  • Stripe Integration – Our shopping cart software will integrate with Stripe so you can accept credit card payments from customers all over the world.
  • Google Analytics Integration – Our shopping cart software integrates with Google Analytics so you can get valuable data on how people are using your site.

To get further details about our shopping cart software, feel free to talk with our experts.